Golf Putting Tip: Keep Your Head Down Until Well After Contact, and Listen for the Ball to Drop

Symptom: Missed putts, particularly putts that miss on the right (for a right-handed player), putting yips.

Overview: Keep your head down until well after your putterhead strikes the golf ball.  Do not watch the ball go in the hole -- listen for it to go in the hole instead.  

Why it works: By not allowing yourself to watch the ball go in the hole, you will keep your head still throughout the swing and during impact. This, in turn, prevents you from swiping across the ball from outside-to-in, imparting sidespin, and causing the ball to leak off to the right. So, listening for the ball to drop is both a positive thought (always very important on the golf course!), and a way to ensure your head stays still during the stroke.

Have a look at these winning putts from 2008.  Most of these are long putts, and so the guys do watch the ball go in the hole.  But, please notice that on each and every one of these putts, the head stays down until well after contact, and the ball is four or five feet from it's starting point.  That's the way it should look -- head down until well after contact.  Have a look:

You may find this tip harder to follow on putts with a lot of break, because your aiming point will be outside the cup.  Don't succumb to the "mini-golf effect" (where you want to see the ball curving on it's way to the hole) on these putts.  Be disciplined and listen for the ball to drop instead.  You will be writing smaller numbers on your scorecard, and smiling more!

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