Golf Putting Tip: Don't Let Your Golf Ball Line Wobble

Symptom:  Your putts leak off to the right, and short, all too often.  "Where did that break come from?" you wonder aloud.  Of course your playing companions know that you swipe the ball and so all your putts leak to the right.  They look away whenever you putt so as not to foul up their reads...

Description:  After you line up your ball's line on your putting line, strike your putt so that the line does not wobble as the ball rolls to the hole.

Why it works:  In order to keep the line on your golf ball from wobbling as it rolls, you must strike the putt with no sidespin.  Sidespin causes the ball to lose speed, and fall off the intended line.  Sidespin is bad, it is your enemy.  It comes from "swiping" the blade across the golf ball, so that (for a right-handed player) the ball ends up short and to the right of the cup, rather than past the hole (or in the hole, of course).

Let's have Tiger show us the right way to roll the ball.  Pay attention to the line on his ball as it drops into the cup -- stop the video at 3:05 -- see the faint vertical line on the ball?  That's the line he used to line up the putt.  It didn't wobble until the very end as the ball slipped into the hole.  Have a look:

The great thing about this putting tip is that it's not technical, and it gives you an easy means to diagnose your putting.  That is, if your line is wobbling, you are doing something wrong that you'd better straighten out before you go try and "fix" anything else.  It's almost "step one" when troubleshooting your putting stroke.  I recommend you go try the balls in a line drill until you get things back on track.

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