Golf Putting Tip: Miss Your Putts Past the Hole

Symptom:  Missing your putts short of the hole, and yelling "hit the %&#@ ball" at yourself as you watch your ball stop short of the hole yet again.  It's the ultimate golf sin (as your buddies helpfully remind you) . 

Description:  All your missed putts, no matter what the distance, should always finish about 18 inches past the hole (on the high side).

Why it works:  When you ensure that your golf ball ends up past the hole about 18 inches, you accomplish many things:
  • You ensure your putt has a chance to go in.  Putts that do not get to the hole cannot go in.  Obviously.  But there are more reasons that you may not have thought of.
  • By putting the proper pace on your putts, you minimize the effects of bumps and marks on the green, the grain of the green, the wind blowing your ball around, and so on.  All these nonideal things affect a slow-rolling golf ball much more than a fast-rolling golf ball.  The net result is that you will probably make more putts than you otherwise would have
  • In the (unfortunate) event that you miss your putt, but it rolls past the hole on the high side, you will at least have a clear idea of the break and pace of your next putt.  If you leave it short you can't really be sure what the ball does around the hole.
Rickie Fowler shows us how to have misses wind up past the hole (good), but unfortunately his misses go much farther than 18 inches past the hole (bad).  Rickie pays dearly for his mistake -- he four-putts from about five feet.  Admittedly the greens at this course have a lot of subtle breaks, and are lightning-fast.  Fortunately his miscue didn't cost him any Ryder Cup points, just a little embarrassment.  Have a look:

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