Golf Putting Strategy: Read Everybody's Putts

Symptom:  You are closest to the pin in your foursome, but still somehow manage to misread your putt for both line and distance.  You say things like "I sure didn't see that break" or "Wow, it is more downhill than I thought" or similar lame utterances. 

Description:  Read the putts of your playing partners (before they hit their putts), especially if they are further away than you.  It doesn't matter if they are on the same side of the hole as you or not.  Figure out what sort of putt you would play if it were your putt, before they strike the ball.  Then, of course, see if you were right, and adjust your read accordingly. 

Why it works:  By reading everybody's putts, you are getting a feel for how the ball rolls on this particular green.  And, you get instant feedback on your assessment as you watch their putts roll toward and past the hole.  Did their putt roll way past the hole?  Maybe it's more downhill than you thought.  Did they miss on the low side?  Maybe there is more break there than you had imagined.

Whenever you get to watch somebody else putt first, it's a huge benefit to you.  Don't waste the chance to hone your read.  You will start making more putts and having more fun on the course!

To get a feel for this concept, watch this video, but pay attention to the players who are not putting, but are still on camera.  They are all paying very close attention to the ball as it approaches the hole.  (Of course, since this is a highlight video, most of the putts go in.  The don't put missed putts on highlight videos).  The onlookers all have an idea in their minds of where the ball will break, but, to a man, are watching intently to see if they are right, and to hone their read on their own putts.  Have a look:

So read everybody's putts when you play, you'll wind up making more of your own!

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